Friday, June 12, 2015

A Few Views in and Around Auf Schonburg - Castle on the Rhine

To wrap up my series on Caste Hotel - Auf Schonburg I'm posting a few pictures from around the castle. You can read my other posts by clicking below.

Eating at the Castle

In the elevator channeling our inner King Ludwig and his hall of mirrors.

Entrance to the reception area and restaurant

Fire Escape!

Giant chess set in the garden

Another view of the garden and the many paths around the castle.

Breakfast buffet

and of course I have to end with egg baked in tomato sauce that was cooked in this little Weck dish. The egg was so good. I want one of these little baking dishes...

After a hearty breakfast we have to leave this little slice of elegance and get on the road...

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lunch at the Mud Cat Charlies - Brunswick, Georgia

We spent the morning with Nancy and Charlie Geocaching at Hofwyl Plantation near Brunswick, Georgia. Worked up an appetite so we asked the lady at the park office to recommend a place to eat. 

She sent us down the road to Mud Cat Charlies.

Mud Cat Charlies is located at the Two Way Marina and Fish Camp on the beautiful Altamaha River. 
We sat on the back porch that looks out over the river. The porch has a/c but if that isn't important to you there is seating on the covered dock area.

Mud Cat Charlies is obviously a great place to get seafood and the platters of fried shrimp made my mouth drool as they were carried past our table. But alas my days of eating shrimp are over due to an ever increasing allergic reaction. I loved the fact that I could enjoy the atmosphere of this place while looking out over the river and still find something on the menu I can eat. Not just shrimp, crab and fish but burgers and chicken. Something for every taste.

I decided to try the burger and onion rings.

My burger was really good. According to the menu they grind the meat fresh daily. That's probably true because it was tasty. The meat was flavorful, juicy and cook just the was I like it. Pink on the inside and charred on the outside. 

John had the blackened crab cake. He said it was good but I didn't sample it so I can't vouch for it but I'll take his word...

The Naked Slaw

 The slaw was just a bowl of shredded cabbage with the dressing on the side. I've never had slaw served this way but it was very tasty. The cabbage retained it crunchiness and the dressing was a little like Thousand Island.

Mud Cat Charlies is very casual you won't have to dress up to eat here. Most of the entrees came out in a paper lined basket but that was OK with me. 
Even though the place was crowded we were seated promptly. The wait staff was friendly and attentive and our food came out quickly. Great food and fast service. You can't ask for much more than that.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Eating in a Castle - Auf Schonburg. Oberwesel, Germany

As a special treat on our trip to Germany we spent the night in a castle. Not a Disney make believe but a real life thousand year old castle on the Rhine. If you want to see more about the history of the castle and a peek into our room in the tower check out this post "A Night in a Castle - Auf Schonburg, Oberwesel, Germany".

But now on to one of my favorite activities.


I don't think we had any bad food on this trip but I'll have to say the food at the castle was pretty darn good! Maybe it was the atmosphere or the company but this was the most elegant meal and truly delicious.

Before dinner drinks with Nancy and Charlie.

Our lovely travel companions. Yes,Charlie that includes you!

John and Patti

The menu 

The table was elegantly set. The bread was fresh and warm from the oven. Real butter, yum!

First course 

Venison stew with a square of potato cake

Soup course

Beef consomme with mushroom egg custard

Main course

Fillet of veal with Bearnaise sauce
Asparagus and Sea salt potatoes

I have never eaten veal before and I'll probably not eat it again but it was melt in your mouth tender and delicious!


Baked apple cake with Riesling Sabayon and homemade chocolate chip ice cream. 

An interesting combination I'm not sure I'd have put together but it worked. 

An of course to finish the evening a good cup of coffee. Anytime we ordered coffee it always come with a little something. Even a McDonald's we got a chocolate candy. This little treat was so much much better. Chocolate mousse with whipped cream and chocolate curls. 


We hated to see our stay in the castle come to an end but they sent us off with a hearty breakfast.