600 Miles Together

"If you want to walk fast walk alone, 
if you want to walk far, walk together."
African Proverb
The key word is together. We must walk them together. Me and John together. With busy schedules and life getting in the way this forces us to take time for each other...

The rules are simple:

Walk together. (Sense a theme here?:-)
No phones or electronic devices. (unless we're geocaching)
Talk or don't talk whatever the mood strikes.
Keep a log of the miles.
Find at least one interesting place to walk on the weekend.
Take a fun vacation to somewhere we can walk a lot.

2014 our goal was to walk 500 miles together. We made it with a total of 516 miles.
2015 we set the goal at 600 miles together and finished the year with 625 miles.
2016 we stayed with 600 miles and finished with 642.
2017 Here we come!


  1. Awesome....great idea....I'm getting some ideas for my dog and myself!....hhmmm.....yeah.....I think we'll try to cover (walking, hiking, running, whatever) together a total of 5,000 miles in a years time or so, and do a fundraiser for a favorite charity while doing so......whatcha think?!?!?!

    1. I think that's a great idea! You have to be intentional in your efforts to walk together. At least that what we have to do. Charity walks are a great idea.

  2. Ok, we're back, my blog this 31 days will be focused on my workouts.....the first few days will be the new or things I'm putting back into my workout routine......where are you located? anywhere near NY?......I'll be following along with your blog to hopefully help each other keep motivated in walking, working out and writing.....I'm also working on my second book, or first NOVEL!....Yikes!!


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