Friday, March 6, 2015

A Walk Around Staufen, Germany

Have you even visited a place and thought to yourself "I could live here"?

That's how I feel about this little town of Staufen at the southern edge of the Black Forest region. 

Staufen is a town that dates back to the Middle Ages yet is modern and up to date.  Full of history, hospitality and great food.

The train station is just a short walk from the town center. staufen germany

The town center is a pedestrian area. The only cars allowed are for deliveries and for those staying in a town center hotel. Once you're here you don't really use a car since everything is close by.

Staufen German

The main street of Staufen. 
Cobblestone road and old buildings. The shops are not your typical tourist traps. To maintain the historical integrity the town strictly monitors not only what the shops sell but the color of the buildings and even the type of shutters. This attention to details allows Staufen to shine as a jewel of a town.

Staufen Germany Bachle

This is a close up of the Bachle or little canals that run along the main street. The original purpose was to do with fire protection. Now they are more for the charm and for the children to play in. 

Staufen Germany

There are several family owned guesthouses or hotels on this main street.
Hotel Krone Staufen Germany Lace Up and Walk

Gasthaus Krone 
This mural tells the story of Gustav Struve and the end of the German Revolution in 1848.

Doll Museum Staufen Germany Lace Up and Walk

Puppenstuben Museum - Antique Dolls

During the 1800s and early 1900s Germany was a leader in the production of bisque dolls. Many of which were exported to the USA. This little museum on the second floor was stuffed full of beautiful examples of German artistry. The woman running it was very knowledgeable but she spoke very little English and my German was probably even worse. Even so the look around was worth the 4 euro

The Puppenstuben Museum was right across the street from our hotel.

Hotel Hirschen Staufen Germany Lace Up and Walk

Hotel Hirschen 
I loved this hotel so much it deserves a post all it's own!

Just a few buildings down from our hotel is the town square.

Town center square Staufen Germany lace up and walk


Next to the Rathaus Cafe is the Town Hall here you'll find the tourist information center and a small museum

Signs posted around town show the distruction that was caused by an air raid during the war.
The way to the church was blocked with rubble.

Staufen Germany Lace up and Walk
 As you can see the area recovered from the air raid. 

The big red bandages are a different story.
Staufen Germany Lace Up and Walk

As you walk through the old town you'll notice cracks on many of the buildings and these red stickers.

Staufen must not break!

It seems that when the Town Hall was renovated it included the installation of a heat pump. They drilled into the ground behind the Town Hall for the  heat exchanges. Unfortunately the drilling punctured a layer of mineral in the ground that began to soak up water and it swelled like particle board does when it gets wet. As the ground swells it's pushing the buildings up.

They are now drilling behind the Town Hall again hoping to fill in the puncture and stop the problem.

It's a shame that a town that's survived since the middle ages including being bombed during WWII is slowly being destroyed by modern technology.

Staufen Germany Lace up and Walk

I'll leave you on a happier note. There is an actual babbling brook that runs through Staufen. You can cross it on one of the many walking bridges in town.

There is so much to see in Staufen.

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I'll be sharing in a later post about the castle on the hill, the wine production and the food we enjoyed here.



  1. Ok. I'm packing my bags. This looks like the most pictures place to live! Although, those little streams on the road I could do without!

    1. I agree it's a beautiful little town. It's funny because when we saw the canals on the streets my husband and I couldn't believe it. Here in the USA some safety committee would have made sure they were covered over to avoid a lawsuit. They didn't appear to trouble anyone but it sure made us careful to look where we walking. Thanks so much for visiting.

  2. Such a peaceful place. I did enjoy the doll museum even though we couldn't understand her. She was so excited.

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