Monday, January 11, 2016

Walking the Way of the Cross - Madonna della Corona, Spiazzi, Italy

In my previous post I wrote about our visit to  Madonna della Corona. A beautiful church built into the side of Balto Rock in Spiazzi, Italy. Today's post is about the walk down to the church. I actually enjoyed this walk almost as much as the church itself.

We parked in the lot of Stella Alpina a hotel at the top of the mountain. The hotel and conference center is part of the Madonna complex. We weren't sure how far we'd need to go but  even so we set off down the narrow road.

The view of the surrounding mountains was spectacular!

There's actually two ways to get up and down the mountain. The road which is winding and narrow or the STAIRS! Pictured below is only one section of the stairs. The other sets of stairs are cement like this one but very narrow and they have no hand rails. We came down the road and back up by the stairs. 

I'll admit that I abandoned the stairs half way up and finished by way of the road which wasn't quite as steep. Our young in excellent shape son ran to the top. Show-off!

The views were lovely but we were delighted to find that the road was lined with life sized bronze sculptures depicting the Way of the Cross. The sculptures are by the Veronese architect Raffaele Bonente. (You won't see the sculptures if you take the stairs. A great excuse to walk the road!)

The Way of the Cross

The Way of the Cross or Stations of the Cross shows the life of Christ from his arrest to his Resurrection. Talk about a wonderful walk. Not only was the view of the mountains and across the valley breath taking but to see the life of Christ portrayed so vividly was engaging.

Station I
Jesus is condemned by Pilate

Station II

Jesus takes up his cross


Station III

Jesus falls the first time

Station IV
 Jesus meets his mother

Station V

Simon of Cyrene carries the cross

Station VI

Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

Station VII
Jesus falls the second time

Station VIII

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem 

Station IX

Jesus falls the third time

Station X
 Jesus stripped of his garments

Station XI

Jesus nailed to the cross

Station XII

Jesus dies on the cross

Station XIII

Jesus is taken down from the cross

Station XIV

Jesus is laid in the tomb

Station XV

The Resurrection 

This was one of may favorite places to visit on our trip to Italy. It's well worth a side trip if you're in the area!

Santuario Madonna della Corona
Località Santuario, 1
37020 – Ferrara di Monte Bardo
Verona, Italy
Phone and Fax (+39) 045 7220014
Rector Don Pietro Maroldi
How to get there
By car: From the A4 Milan-Venice, exit Peschiera del Garda and continue towards Spiazzi (km 38); or from the A22 Brennero-Modena, exit at Affi, Spiazzi direction (20 km). By train: the station of Peschiera del Garda or Verona Porta Nuova, take the bus, line Spiazzi Caprino. 


  1. I have seen many stations of the cross, but this amazing.

  2. Hello Patti B!
    This Way of the Cross is fantastic, great to be with her focus, and at the same time enjoy the beautiful views.
    I cordially greet the Polish far.
    Voyager:) *

  3. I have no doubt people walk that in bear feet stopping off at each station like in church. Very impresive to see

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  5. Nagyon szep az a hely! Thanks for photos!


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