Monday, August 3, 2015

Neckarsulm Germany - the NSU Museum and the Best Pastry Shop

This is one of the many times I was happy to be traveling with another couple...

The guys wanted to stop in the small town of Neckarsulm, Germany to visit the NSU motorcycle museum. That didn't sound to thrilling to us so Nancy and I left the guys and we took off to explore the town. 

Around Neckarsulm

It was Sunday morning and the streets were pretty deserted and most of the shops were closed. 

Interesting art work?

As we wandered the quiet streets we found a bakery and of course we had to stop in for a sample. 

I forgot to take a picture until we'd already split up and tasted the goodies. The one on the left was like a flaky sugar cookie filled with a strudel type filling and the one on the right was a horseshoe shaped almond cookie dipped in chocolate. UMMMMM! So good. 

We did try to go back in to buy a couple goodies for the guys but they closed up while we were standing outside. I guess Sunday morning they were only opened for a short period of time for the going to church bunch.

Brecht Lothar Backerei
Marktstr. 28
74172 Neckarsulm, Germany

 As we headed back to the car we stopped in the Eiscafe San Marco to get a couple of sandwiches to go. It was quite an adventure ordering since no one in the shop spoke English and I'm ashamed to say our German was not all that great. Even so we ended up with some really good sandwiches and we had a little picnic in the car.

Schinken, Kase, Salad, Tomate, Ei, Mayonaise

Ham, Cheese, lettuce, tomato, hard boiled egg and mayo.

NSU Museum
(Neckarsulm Strickmaschinen Union)

For more info see the NSU website by clicking here.

A few shots from inside the museum.

1928 Bohmerland

1928 Mars MA 1000 Sport

How cool would it be to drive this to the store?

That's a few sights and tastes from Neckarsulm, Germany!

Where will your feet take you today?

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  1. The 1928 Mars Sport is quite awesome and I have never heard of a Messerschmitt that didn't fly :)
    Advanced machines for the times and still repairable!
    Very cool!
    Have a Great Week!
    Peace :)

    1. The Messerschmitt did look a little like the cockpit of a plane! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Museums like these are not my thing. However, I have to admit it looks very interesting. Like you mentioned, that is a positive of traveling with others: discovering places you would not have discovered by yourself.


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