Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Morning Walk - 4 Miles Through Old Ortega

It was actually cool on Sunday morning which was a good thing. We were suppose to get up early to beat the heat and get our walk in but someone overslept. (That would be me.) But it didn't matter because it was only in the seventies! Perfect walking weather.

We decided to go somewhere new and ended up walking in the Old Ortega area of west Jacksonville. We parked near the Chick-Fil-A and started our walk by crossing the Ortega river on the Roosevelt bridge. Then we meandered through the neighborhood crossed back over the river on the Ortega drawbridge. We were able to get in 4 miles of walking!

Drawbridge across the Ortega river

We saw lots of beautiful flowers along the way

A view of the downtown skyline

One of the many cute houses we saw. This one is tiny compared to others but still has charm.

Perfect weather and a beautiful neighborhood to walk. 

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