Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Greenways of Florida - A.J. Alford Greenway in Tallahassee, Florida


According to Merriam Webster dictionary a Greenway is "a corridor of undeveloped land preserved for recreational use or environmental protection".

Florida is fortunate to have many areas designated as greenways. These areas are typically located in urban settings offering a reprieve from the concrete jungle and traffic of the city. 

A few weeks ago we visited our son and his family in Tallahassee our state's capital. We took a nice long walk at the A. J. Alford Greenway. The greenway sports miles and miles of trails through an oak forest and around a beautiful lake suitable for boating and fishing. It's so strange that less than a half mile off a busy, car infested road you'll find yourself in such a quiet peaceful place. 

You can read about another Greenway we've visited by checking out this post Eagan's Creek Greenway. And you can learn more about Greenways and Trails by visiting Florida Greenways and Trails Foundation.

Lace up and take a walk at one of the many Greenways in Florida. You'll find out quickly that there's more to Florida than Disney World!

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  1. I had never heard of a Greenway so thanks for introducing me to the concept. A great deal of forethought went into the Tallahassee town planning and that's very pleasing to see. I do wonder whether new cities would allow quite so much green space. I'd like to hope so. Thanks for joining in Patti. I'm certainly learning a lot about this big wide world and wondering why I have never visited Tallahassee. Another for the list!

    1. Tallahassee is an interesting city to visit. My children went to University there and even though it's a big city it has a small town feeling. If you go to Tallahassee take a day trip south through Crawfordville and check out the beach. It's beautiful and only about 40 minutes from Tallahassee.

  2. this looks lovely Patti. we have a creek at the end of our suburban street which is covered by bush and you would swear you were in the country rather than a few kilometres from the CBD. just amazing. have a great XMas.

    1. Isn't it amazing how a little greenery can make all the difference? Thanks for visiting!


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