Friday, January 15, 2016

Learning to Dodge Traffic in Milan, Italy

When we travel we tend to avoid the big cities. We like to explore small towns and see the landscapes of a state or country. To meet the people in a more relaxed atmosphere. However since most airports are in or very near large cities we usually take a day and explore.

Milan is an interesting city. Elegant, chaotic and crowded yet everything seems to flows smoothly. The city is filled with cars and motorcycles and even more pedestrians. Although some intersections have crossing lights, go with the flow when you're walking seems to be the unwritten rule of the road!

We arrived at Milano-Malpensa airport and breezed through customs. Not only was airfare cheaper flying into Milan but it was one of the easier airports to navigate. The train was convenient and even though the 40 minute ride to Milan Central station was less than inspiring it was an efficient way to get to the city.

Milano Centrale station is a large imposing structure built in 1931. Don't be fooled into thinking Milan Central station is in the center of town because it's not. It's a good 30 minute walk to the Duomo (Cathedral) which I would consider to be the center of town. It was however a short 5 minute walk to our hotel and we were able to stash our bags and head out to walk the city.

The first place we headed was to the Duomo a massive, ornate Cathedral on a people and pigeon filled square.

My one regret is not walking on the roof of the Duomo. At the time it was hot, we were tired and we didn't want to spend the 45 euro entrance fee. Lame I know...

Next to the Duomo is the Galleria said to be one of the oldest shopping malls. The beautiful glass dome ceiling covers such shops as Prada,Versace and Louis Viutton.

We didn't do any shopping but we did take a twirl on the little bull.

The floor is covered with lovely mosaics and local legend says if you twirl on the bulls privates you'll have good luck. Poor little bull but we gave it a go...

We bought tickets 2 months in advance, spent the night in Milan and walked almost 3 miles just to see The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci.  I'm sorry to say, for me, it was less than impressive. Maybe because I was expecting too much. Anyway I marked it off my must see list...

Have you even been disappointed in something on your must see list?

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