Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lost Dog Found - An Adventure in Italy

One of my favorite memories of our trip to Italy was the day we found the little black Scotty looking dog.

We were in Rovereto, Italy at the southern edge of the Alps and we were looking for Geocaches. Our quest to find a geocache brought us to a park that was right beside an animal rescue place.

Arcadia Associazione Relazione Uomo- Animale Onlus

We parked and walked up the hill to a picnic area.So the clue to finding the geocache was 'under a rock'. Really? There must have a million rocks around. We didn't find the geo but I did spy a little black dog running around.

Riserva naturale provinciale - Laghetti di Marco

There were several people from the rescue place out looking for him and we stopped and talked to them on the way back to our car pointing out that we'd seen the dog further up the trail. They thanked us and we hopped in our car and got back on the road.

And what do we see on the main road? This silly little dog darting across the busy traffic almost getting hit by a big truck. John pulled off the road and I got out and coaxed him over to the car. It took him a few seconds but he finally jumped in the back seat and sat right by me. He looked so happy like he was finally home!

We drove back to the animal rescue and one of the guys came out and got him. That little doggie did not want to get out of the car! After a little pulling and tugging we finally persuaded him to  hop out.

This was the last view we had of him. He was looking back like he couldn't believe we weren't taking him home with us. Oh my gosh, I almost cried having to leave him there...

John said, "Thank God we're in Italy" because if we'd had been closer to home he knew I would have taken that little guy home with me. Yes I would have!

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