Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wednesday Walking - Two New Parks

We often enjoy a walk though the Old Ortega neighborhood located in southwest Jacksonville. The area was developed by the Ortega Company founded 1909 by John N. C. Stockton and Charles Bettes.  The neighborhood was designed by the prominent architect Henry J. Klutho. You can see many examples of Klutho's work around Jacksonville.

One of the real joys of exploring an area on foot is finding hidden gems that you might not see from a car. On our last walk through Old Ortega we found two such places.

Cortez Park

Cortez Park is one of four circular parks located along Baltic Street. The park was named for the world explorer Hernando Cortez. At one time an electric trolley traveled to Cortez Park where it turned around for the return trip downtown. 

Beautiful old Oak trees provide shade and numerous benches make for a pleasant place to sit and take a break.

Seminole Park

At Seminole Park on McGirts Blvd. a  beautiful grassy area slopes gently to the Ortega River. Sit on a bench, do a little fishing or launch your canoe from the boat ramp are just a few way to enjoy this small neighborhood park. 

Get outside and explore the world at 3 miles per hours. You might be surprised at what you see!

Walking Wednesday is where I share my favorite walk of the week.

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