Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Rainy Day Walk in St Marys Ga

On this rainy Saturday we ventured north to St Marys, Georgia. St Marys is a small coastal town just over the Florida-Georgia line.

We weren't sure if anyone would show up for this walk because the weather was bleak. Overcast and
drizzling rain. It was a pleasant surprise that about 18 people came to walk.

Once the walk began it actually stopped raining. It did sprinkle on us a few times but over all it was a nice walk. The sun even appeared briefly.

There is always something interesting to see when we walk. This time we saw three things...

A new dad standing on his porch holding his new born baby (obviously a girl due to the pink ribbons tied on the mailbox), a wedding in the bandstand at the park and a funeral in the cemetery. The circle of life in one 2 hour walk!

The starting point. Everyone was together but eventually we all spread out. Some are super fast walkers and others like to stroll and see the sights. 

What ya see down there?

Christ Episcopal Church and one an example of the many large oak trees we saw on this walk.

Oak Grove Cemetery

A view across the marsh to the marina on the St Marys River. 

This walk is sponsored by the First Coast Trail Forgers Walking club. Today's walk was a group walk with the club but you can take this walk on your own. It's one of the many self guided walks set up by the club. Each self guided walk has a walk box that can easily be accessed for those who want to walk the trail. Once you locate the box you'll need to register on the sign in sheet and pick up the directions and the map. Most walks have a 5k and a 10k walk option. All walks are free unless you want IVV credit. 

 You can find a map and directions for this walk at the St Marys Welcome Center located at 400 Osborne Street, St. Marys, GA 31558. Ask for the walk box at the front desk.

Put your raincoat on and lace up and walk!

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