Monday, March 31, 2014

Walking Among the Dead - A Walk Through Evergreen Cemetery With Friends

Today two of my friends joined me for a three mile walk through Evergreen Cemetery. 

It was a nice day. Started out a little cool but quickly warmed up. Walking in short sleeves felt nice. 

We met at the office and walk down Woodlawn Ave. and crossed over the railroad tracks. Once in the back part of the cemetery we just wandered up and down the roads stopping occasionally to peer inside a mausoleum or to check out a grave marker. 

We were the only walkers but there were plenty of maintenance people around so it didn't feel desolate. 

It took us right at one hour to walk three miles.

A few reasons to walk here:
  1. No traffic to speak of. We were passed by two vehicles both were going about 10mph.
  2. No exhaust fumes. 
  3. Shady
  4. Quiet
  5. It would be difficult to get lost as the cemetery is enclosed by a fence. 
  6. During the week there are lots of people working around doing maintainence and lawn work so you're not out there alone. 
  7. Easy to park at the office or along the roads.
  8. Interesting things to look at along the way

Evergreen Cemetery 
4535 Main Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32206

Grab a friend Lace Up and Walk!

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