Sunday, May 4, 2014

Walking to a Destination

Most of the time our walks meander around from our car (or house) and back with no real destination in mind. Our goal is to just walk and chalk up steps and miles. Today we decided to do something different and actually walk to a chosen destination.

We parked at the MOSH with the intention of walking to European Street on San Marco to have lunch. It was actually only about a mile from where we parked to the restaurant so we added some walk time by going over the bridges.

First we walked over the Main Street bridge to the Landing.

A lot of sailboats docked at the Landing. There was also a charity walk for the Kidney Foundation. Nice to see activity down on the waterfront.

Then over the Acosta to San Marco. It was very hot on top of the bridge. A bright sunny day with no breeze. This is a view of the Landing from the Acosta. Very pretty waterfront city.

After lunch at European Street we took the long way back by going through the San Marco area. Walking down Hendricks Ave. we came across some old buildings. One was the South Jacksonville City Hall built in 1913. Learned something new today. 

We also encountered a man who I think was homeless. He walked with us a while and told us about living in Pittsburgh. He was nice and didn't ask for money so maybe he wasn't homeless. Maybe he thought we were...

After we got home John informed me that if we walked one more mile we'd be caught up on our goal of walking 500 miles this year. So off to Winn Dixie we went. We parked and walked down to where the Salvation Army is on Lem Turner, turned around and came back to Winn Dixie where we did our shopping.

Yeah! We're not behind anymore!!! Let's hope we can keep it that way.

 Lace Up and Walk you might learn something new about your city!

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