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Weekend Walking in Savannah, Georgia


A Weekend in Savannah, Georgia
June 27 and 28 

Savannah is just a 2 hour drive from Jacksonville so it makes an easy weekend trip. We drove up on Saturday afternoon and arrived in time to take a nap and get ready for dinner. 

Dinner at Johnnie Harris 

1651 E Victory Dr
Savannah, Ga

Johnnie Harris Restaurant was established in 1924 and although the place has been updated over the years it retains an old fashioned atmosphere. It felt almost like being in 1930 with dark paneling and high ceilings. There was a large area in the center of the restaurant that looked like it could be used as a circular dance floor. It was surrounded by intimate booths around the perimeter. 

The food was good. I had the barbecue pork plate with fries and coleslaw. The pork had a really good smoky flavor and the coleslaw was perfect but I think John made the better choice health wise. He had salmon with sweet potatoes and broccoli. He said it was delicious. 

I love this! It's Earth rising! Located at 14 E 73rd Street. Originally a storage tank built in the 1950s by Savannah Gas Company it's been painted to resemble the earth. It now carries an advertisement for the Savannah Mortgage Company. 
You can read more about this at Roadside America.

Historic Savannah 10K Walk

This walk was set up by The Happy Wanderers Walking Club and is self guided. You can pick up the directions and a map at the Savannah History Museum and Visitors Center: 303 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Savannah, Ga 31401. Just go to the front desk at the museum and ask for the start box. 

I was intrigued by all the staircases in this city. This is just one view. 

This is Forsyth Park at Gaston Street and Bull Street. It's one of many parks and squares that dot this town. I loved that there was so much activity going on. People sitting and talking, riding bikes, walking and a young couple (see the guy kneeling down?) having their pregnancy photos taken. Large oak trees that shade the park and a beautiful cast iron fountain that was that was erected in 1858 make this a lovely place to walk.

If you continue on in Forsythe Park past the fountain you'll come to the Confederate Memorial. The monument was erected in 1874 to honor those who fought and died in the Confederacy. It's interesting to note that the monument was made in Canada with Canadian materials and brought to Savannah by ship so no part of it touched Yankee soil. History runs deep here. 

If you're walking for AVA credit be sure to take the time to walk around the monument and make note of the names of the Confederate officers on the two bust at the front and rear. You'll be tested later:-)

This is a friendly town full of Southern hospitality. While we were trying to take a selfie in one of the parks a young couple walking their dogs stopped and offered to take our picture. 

We did venture down to the water front but it was packed with tourist so we didn't linger. To me it was nicer walking by the old houses and through the many parks and squares. 

There's a lot of history to be found not to far from home. 

For more information on how you can enjoy walks of this kind check out the American Volkssport Association.

Lace up and visit a town near you!

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