Monday, February 22, 2016

Unknown Wall Painting of the Crucifixion in Lucca, Italy

While on vacation in Italy we made what was to be a quick stop in Lucca.

Lucca is in the Tuscany region not far from Pisa and famous for the well preserved Renaissance wall that surrounds the city. The wall is broad and perfect for walking or biking and at a distance of 2 miles makes for a leisurely walk. The idea was to walk the wall, hop back in the car and make the drive to our Airbnb that was to be our home during our stay in Tuscany.

You know what they say about the best laid plans. Hunger drove us down into the town in search of lunch. We ended up walking just about every street in this beautiful town.

Have you ever snapped a photo of something and later on wish you'd taken the time to get more information? Or a better photo? That happened with me while in Lucca.

As usual I was trailing behind my travel companions as we walked down an alley. Suddenly a rusty iron fence caught my eye and I stopped to take a photo. It was in front of what I thought was just an arched doorway. I was delighted to see the fence was some what protecting a wall painting.

See the small white rectangle on the wall below the painting? It say 'Eleosine' which translates as alms. There is a small slot for depositing coins. Could this have been a convent or a monastery and the money used to help the needy?

A beautiful rendition of Christ on the cross. How long before it completely disappears? Anyone familiar with Lucca or this wall painting? I would love to know more about this painting before it's gone.

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    1. Yes it was a beautiful place. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. gorgeous area, i love the walk-along. so pretty!! happy week! ( :

  3. What an amazing painting there on the wall. No explanation? Lucky that it is being modestly protected.

    1. It was just on the wall in an alley we walked down. No sign around. To tell the truth I was trying to keep up with my husband and son so I didn't have time to really look around! When I finally caught up to them I asked if they'd seem it and neither one had. I'm not sure I could even find it again if I went back...

  4. What a marvelous find. I hope that the authorities are able to save this lovely mural...if they even know of its existence.


    1. I wonder if there's so much 'old stuff' in Italy maybe this isn't anything special?? It was special to me though. A small unexpected surprise.


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