Sunday, October 2, 2016

Day 2 - Inspired Sunday

The best cure for jet lag is to stay up! 

We'd flown all night and our flight arrived at the Frankfurt Airport at 9 am (3 am our time). From past experience we knew the best way to beat jet lag is to stay up even though the body's saying it's time for bed. So our friends picked us up and we headed out for our first day of adventure in 

The Nurburging is a popular motorsports complex located in the town of Nurburg, Rhineland-Palatinate about 164 km northwest of Frankfurt. The race track was interesting but our real destination was the Classic Race Museum  located 5 km from the race track. 

So off we went. 

The guys checked out the museum and met the owner who apparently was a pretty interesting individual.

The girls decided to save our 6 euro and instead have a coffee in the museum's cafe and to take a walk through the small town. I was delighted to find just a short distance from the museum this small brick church. 

Maybe because I was tired or had too much caffeine but I've no idea of the name of the church. I only know if you make it to the Classic Race Museum take a short walk to the corner and you'll find it! There's no parking but the town is tiny and the church is well within walking distance of all the houses. 

Next time you're in a new place take a walk. 
There might be something interesting around the next corner.

For the month of October I'm going to be writing everyday mostly about walking. I hope I might encourage someone to get outside and take a walk!


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