Friday, October 7, 2016

Day 7 - Don't Appreciate What You Got Till It's Gone

We're sitting at the kitchen table watching the wind and rain blow across the windows. Waiting not too patiently for Hurricane Matthew to pass on by. At the moment it's not so bad but the storm is still about 60 miles south of us coming up the Florida coast. Thankfully so far it hasn't impacted the state as badly as they first predicted. But it's not over yet for Florida and Georgia, North and South Carolina are still in the path.

Even so our local Sheriff's office sent a message at 6:30 am for everyone to stay inside. Don't even stick your head outside to check the weather! So inside we stay. Definitely no walking outside today.

Why is it that when you can't do something that's when you want it the most? I like to walk outside but some times it takes a little persuasion to get me up and out the door. Not today. I want nothing more than to get out and walk. But even if it wasn't for the direct order from the Sheriff the fact the tall pine trees are bending in the wind is enough to keep us inside. 

Until we lose power there's always the treadmill but that seems more like punishment and at this moment I want a nice long walk in the fresh air and sunshine. But no sunshine today so I'll just have to be content to stay inside and watch the wind and rain blow against the windows. 

A nice nap sounds like a good alternative. 

Praying everyone stays safe!

(Unless we lose power I'll check back in tomorrow)

For the month of October I'm going to be writing everyday mostly about walking. I hope I might encourage someone to get outside and take a walk!

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