Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ehenbichl, Austria - Hotel Maxmilian

A series on our trip to Germany and Austria October 2014

Our first hotel for this trip is the Hotel Maximilian in Ehenbichl on the outskirts of Reutte and very near the Ehrenberg ruins castle complex. This is by far my favorite hotel on the entire trip.

We were greeted by the sound of cow bells as the cows were driven home to somewhere up behind the hotel. What a lovely peaceful welcome.


Cows in the pasture across the street from our hotel.

The farmer driving the cows up the hill.

The hotel itself was covered with gorgeous flowers and leafy vines. By far the best part was meeting Gabi, the owner. Gabi was so sweet and energetic. She obviously knows and loves the area and happily shared her knowledge with us. What a wonderful introduction to this lovely country.

Owner Gabi joined us at the table. 

The hotel had an up to date old world charm. Our room was small but comfortable and so quiet we had to turn on the bathroom fan so we could sleep!

I loved this room. Small but comfortable and oh so quiet!

Small, clean updated bathroom.

From the balcony outside our room we had a clear view of the Ehrenberg Castle Complex. It was especially beautiful at night.

Beautiful hotel, friendly staff and delicious food. Hotel Maximilian is a great place to stay!

Check out this post and see some of the wonderful food we enjoyed while staying here.

If you're going to be in the Reutte, Austria area check out this hotel. You won't be sorry.

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  1. Gabbi was great fun and a fountain of local info, so happy to share!


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