Sunday, February 22, 2015

What Goes Up Must Come Down - Ehrenberg Castle Complex in Reutte, Austria

A series on our trip to Germany and Austria in October 2014

In this post I'll tell you about how we got down...

As they say what goes up must come down. According to the map you can either take the long way down (the way we come up) or take the short cut. 
A 15 minute walk down. So we opted for the short way. 

When I say down...

I mean down...

Like straight down...

This is the beginning of the trail. I feel pretty happy.

Not so happy now.

Just praying I don't break my ankle...

This was a very steep trail with lots of trip hazards in the form of rocks and roots. 

Take note - Good hiking boots and walking sticks would have made this trail easier to navigate and also don't ever wear bifocals when walking down a steep trail. Half way down John told me to take off my glasses. That made it easier to get my footing but this trail was a killer!

According to the map this was a 15 minute trail. Not sure how long it took us but it was closer to 30 - 45 minutes. 

The funny thing was that coming down we met an elderly gentleman coming up. When I say elderly I mean in his eighties and he was walking UP this trail. He wasn't even out of breath! I felt slightly ashamed for the whining I was doing.

At the bottom of the trail we were rewarded with the sight of the Ehrenberg ruins. 

Lace up, grab your sticks and take the fast way down!

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  1. Such a great walk, with little treasures just around the bend!


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