Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hiking at Cloudland Canyon State Park Georgia

We originally were going to tent camp on this trip. I think it was wise that we swapped our tent for a hotel room...

Cloudland Canyon State Park has got to be one of the most beautiful parks in Georgia. I think it was even more beautiful because of the ice that was all around. Huge icicles hung from the side of the canyon wall and as the heat of the midday sun warmed them up they would come down with a loud crash. Fortunately we were walking the waterfall trail on the other side of the canyon in the shade. Wouldn't want one of those to come down on me!

Step carefully there's ice on the trail!

We took the waterfall trail which is a one mile trail with a series of 600 steps down to the bottom of the waterfall. Of course we had to take the same trail back UP!

The upper falls

The lower falls

This trail is part of the Canyon Climbers Club. If you walk the trails at Tallulah Gorge, Providence Canyon, Amicalola Falls and Cloudland Canyon and get your membership card punched you can win a tee-shirt! We didn't know about this club so we didn't get a card to punch. I guess we'll have to make another trip up here one day. 

Even though it was freezing we still enjoyed a nice walk. The key is to wear good hiking boots and socks, gloves, a hat that cover the ears (a must for me:-) and layers believe it or not you can get warm once you start moving. 

Don't forget your walking sticks. They come in handy on uneven, ice covered trails.

The park in on the edge of Lookout Mountain in the northwest corner of the state.

Bundle up and take a walk!

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  1. Amazing! Good thing you ditched the tent idea! We love hiking, but haven't ever seen icicles. So glad you shared this with us. Hope to see you next week! daisy

    1. I don't know if we'd would've made it through the night in a tent! The ice hanging from the side of the canyon was pretty amazing especially for this Florida girl:-)

  2. the hubby & i love our trip to cloudlands. we hope to get there again soon. Georgia is such a gorgeous state. going to see if i have been to any of the other locations you have visited now. thanks for sharing! ( :


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