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Germany - A Walk Across the Echelsbacher Bridge & The Woodcarving Village of Oberammergau

A series on our trip to Germany and Austria.
October 2014

Echelsbacher Bridge

The Echelsbacher bridge is on the German Federal Highway B23 that runs to the Austrian border. We crossed this bridge as we were heading from Andechs Monastery to Oberammergau. We parked at a small biergarten and took a stroll across the bridge. 

The bridge was constructed in 1929 in the arch style and rises 230 feet above the Ammer River. Don't just drive across! Get out and walk it's well worth it. The view straight down is impressive as well as the view across the forest. 

You can't really tell the depth perception in the photo but it was a long ways down there!


After stretching our legs on the bridge walk we headed on to the woodcarving village of Oberammergau. (It's a mouthful but the name roughly translates to upper water district) Beautiful little village with half-timbered houses painted with biblical scenes and fairy tale characters. It was fairly quiet without a lot of tourists. I don't think I'd want to be here in 2020 when they put on the famous Passion Play and 5000 people jam the area each day.

Beautiful flowers everywhere we went.

A lovely, well maintained cemetery surrounds the Baroque Oberammergau Church

The painted houses give this village a fairy tale look...

The Pilatus House has a shop where you can watch wood carvers at work. 

From here were heading over the border in to Austria. We're almost at the end of a very long day...

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  1. Wow, what a fabulous place to see the sights. That view from above is amazing! Thanks for visiting The Maple Hill Hop! Hope to see you next Tuesday!

  2. It was a long way down! but what a view. Enjoyed trying to talk to the woodcarver. I'll have to say his English was much better than my German!


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