Sunday, February 22, 2015

Austria - Stuiben Waterfalls and Lake Plansee

If you're near Reutte, Austria two places you need to see are Stuiben Waterfall and Lake Plansee. 

Small chapels like this dot the landscape. This one was near the car park
at the trail to the falls.

The inside of the chapel was almost as ornate as the big churches

Stuiben Falls

Even though it was a fairly steep climb to the falls the scenery was gorgeous. Something about looking at the clear flowing Archbach river and the towering mountains takes your mind off the climb. 

On the trail to Stuiben Falls

Stuiben Falls

We were there!

Lake Plansee

I think if I'm ever here in the summer this would be the place to come. I'm sure boats would be in abundance on the water but in the cool of October the lake was quiet. Quiet and beautiful.

...and He leads me beside the still waters.

Lace up and take a walk to somewhere new!

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  1. Nothing like these walks. thank you for your great blogs about them, brings back all the memories. So anxious to go with you again.


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