Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's Getting Warmer! Kolomoki Mounds State Park

We're heading south and it's definitely getting warmer. Almost anything would be warmer than where we've been! We were at Cloudland Canyon State Park and at 14 degrees it was icy cold so 40 degrees was like a summer day...

Kolomoki Mounds State Park is located in Early county in southwestern Georgia. Not only are there 5 miles of hiking trails but also a great temple mound that stands 57 feet tall. The park itself is pretty flat but those 76 stair steps make quiet a climb to the top of that mound!

We practically had the whole park to ourselves. I guess it's still too cold for most people to be out but really once you get moving you warm up.

We found 6 Geocaches while visiting Kolomoki. I loved the creative containers and the fact that they were pretty easy to find. I don't like it when you have to do a little (sometimes a lot of) bushwacking to get to the cache. 

There was also a small cemetery located in the park. I love old cemeteries...Weird I know.

Take a walk and check out a State Park near you!

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