Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Weekend Walking - Two New Trails and A Few Geocaches

This past weekend we walked two new trails, New for us at least. The trail system at University of North Florida and Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens. 

I ask myself "why have we never walked here before?" I don't know but I'm glad we finally did! 

University of North Florida 
Wildlife Sanctuary
Robert W Loftin Nature Trails 

Three main trails and two loop connectors are open from sunrise to sunset. Parking is free on the weekends but during the week there is a small fee. Even if you have to pay it's small price compared to the beauty of this wildlife sanctuary.

In some spots the trail was narrow and muddy and there were several wooden bridges across the creek. In other places the trail was wide and sandy. Other than a few muddy spots this was easy walking without a lot of roots across the path or hills to climb.

This section of the trail was wide and sandy. Easy walking...

Part of the trail went by a Cypress Swamp

We did find three Geocaches along these trails! Never heard of a Geocache? Neither had we until a few months ago when my sister-in-law introduced us to this new hobby. Basically people hid things all over the world and you track them down by the GPS coordinates. The cache usually contains a log book for you to sign and maybe some goodies to trade out. It adds a little fun to our walking.

Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens1445 Millcoe Road
Jacksonville, Fl 32225

The Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens is 120 acres of woods, trails and a 2 acre lake. This was a great place to walk. The trails wind through several different habitats and many of the trees and bushes are labeled. I liked it because of the different elevations as we walked the trails. You don't find many places that aren't flat around here!

There were lots of people here. It's so good to see people out and about enjoying nature. Especially the kids. They need to get out and run off some energy. Dogs are welcome as long as they're leashed and there were quite a few on the trails.

Interesting art was scattered around the gardens...This was Mr Wild and His Friends.

Just a sampling of the many beautiful trails in the park...

They also have a program called Step Out in Nature aimed at promoted a healthy, active lifestyle. Schools and indivduals can logged in their steps for a chance to win prizes. Check it out and step out!

Only one Geocache to be found here...

Why not lace up and discover some new 
places to walk in your town?

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