Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day 31 - I'm a Turkey and it's Not Even Thanksgiving

I wrote and posted everyday for 31 days and I'm pretty proud of myself!

!!!Yeah me!!!

Three things I learned during this challenge:

  •  I learned that I am a writer. Maybe not great but pretty good and with practice I'll get better.
  • I enjoyed writing every day and I loved the challenge. I learned that I function better under pressure. I need a deadline!
  • I was amazed at how many comments I got on my posts. I learned that what I write about is interesting to other people.

The key to my success:

I believe that the main reason I was successful was the support I received from my husband. I want to say a big THANK YOU to my sweet husband John. He encouraged me to complete this challenge. And he never complained when dinner was late:)

Also thank you to those who visited and commented on my posts. I appreciate your words of encouragement and support. 

Walk 31

To see a few ideas about completed this challenge you can check out this post How I Managed to Complete Write 31

I hope that by sharing my love of walking, travel and life this past month it might encourage someone to lace up their shoes and take a walk!

God gave us a big, beautiful world just waiting to be explored. 

Where will your feet take you today?

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  1. It's certainly time to get up off the couch/desk after last month for sure! I had to see what you were about because I thought the same thing. Prompted by my Uncle's last words on the last song of the last recording session he was a part of.
    He says: “Hey boys, stick a fork in that one – it´s doooone”

    We DID it!!!! Congrats!

    1. My son had a teacher and she'd get on to him if he said he was done with an assignment. "Turkeys are done, people are finished"! Congratulations to you too and thanks for stopping by.


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