Friday, October 9, 2015

Fun Things to do on a Walk - Pick a Color to Photograph

When our children were young we would take all three of them out in our canoe. The way I'd get them to sit still was to give them something to look for as we canoed down the river. One time it would be insects the next flowers another time birds and so on. If they spotted the assigned item they'd call it out and I'd keep track and pay them a quarter for each one they found. If they stood up, fought with a brother or wiggled too much they'd lose what they earned. 
OK it was bribery but it got them to sit still. And to get three little boys to sit still in a canoe is no mean feat. They learned the important skill of observation, earned a little spending money and we never tipped the canoe over!

Once in a while when I walk alone in my neighborhood I employ the same idea using color. I randomly pick a color and as I walk I photograph things of that color that catch my eye. 

On this day I picked the color yellow, grabbed my camera and set off in my neighborhood...

What's your favorite color? 

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