Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Walking Wednesday - Black Rock Trail, Big Talbot Island State Park, Florida

A stretch of beach in the Big Talbot Island State Park is supposed to be littered with unusual black rocks. Not really rocks but compressed sand and decaying vegetation shaped by the waves to mimic rocks.

Where else to find black rocks than at Black Rock Trail? We parked at trail and headed towards the beach. We could hear the roar of the ocean as we approached and I was looking forward to a nice long stroll by the water.

Unfortunately it was high tide but not only that the trail abruptly ended at a small cliff. Straight down about 5 - 6 feet to the shore. Not a long ways down but far enough.  Getting down wouldn't have been too bad but getting back up would have proven to be difficult. Even if we could have figured out how to shimmy up and down there was no beach to walk on. High tide, made even higher by the full moon the night before.

The shore was eroded away. Only way to the beach was to jump down. 

The water and the waves were powerful and the trees that were laying over in the waves were
strangely beautiful. All due to the ugly face of erosion that is effecting much of the coast line. 

You can really understand the power of the ocean when you see these mighty trees bobbing in the waves. 

Even though we didn't see the black rocks or get to walk along the ocean it was a fun walk. I never get tired of looking at the ocean.

We're experimenting with video and this is our first try. Check it out and let me know what you think!

That was just a quick look at one of the favorite places I walked this week.

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  1. I love the drift wood, it is so beautiful


    1. Yes it was quite lovely. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Beautiful scenery! I love watching the waves.


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