Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Walking Tips - Four Things I Take on Every Walk

The thing I like most about walking is that you don't need much to start. 

Good shoes help although my son walks barefooted. YIKES! Not me. 

There are however four things I take on almost every walk. 

  1. Cell phone -I have a pedometer app on my phone that I use occasionaly but I mainly use it to keep track of the time.  For me 20 minutes of walking equals 1 mile. 
  2. Bandaids - I take no chance on getting a blister
  3. Key - of course
  4. Pepper Spray - I've never had to use it but it's comforting when walking alone.

Why I carry Pepper Gel

First off I'll tell you I'm not a scaredy cat. I'm not fearful going places alone or walking in my neighborhood but I'm also not naive. I know things happen and I want to be prepared the best I can. 

I used to have a cute little pink canister of pepper spray until my husband bought me this one. 
I like the fact it's a gel with a UV dye that will mark whoever or whatever you shoot it at. 
 Secondly being a gel it's not going to be carried by the wind as bad as a spray. You still need to cover your face if you shoot it. It will shoot up to a distance of 25 feet.

Obviously Pepper spray or gel needs to be kept away from children. At home I keep it on a high shelf in my kitchen. I always keep it in the same spot so I can find it if needed. 

I'll leave you with one tip. If you carry pepper spray or gel it won't do you any good if it's in the bottom of your purse. Carry it in your hand if you find yourself in an iffy situation. When I'm walking I usually stick mine in the waist band of my pants where I can get to it easily. 

Just saying, I would really hate to pepper spray anyone but hey if it's me or them I'm going to put up my best defense! 

Take a walk but be safe!

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