Friday, October 2, 2015

Fun Things to do on a Walk - Geocaching

We're Not Lost We're Geocaching!

John's sister introduced us to Geocaching and we've been hooked ever since. 

What is Geocaching? People hide things (caches) and you have to find the cache using GPS. The cache is usually a box of some type such as Tupperware or an ammo box that contains a log and a few trinkets that you can trade for. 

Example of a Cache

This was one of a series of caches at Kolomoki Mounds State Park in Georgia. Clues
for each cache were animal themed.

All you have to do is download the APP on your phone and you're ready to go. Just about anywhere you are there's probably a few geocaches hidden. Searching out these caches add an element of fun to our walks. 

Found It!
Yes, sometimes you have get off the path to find the cache. Geocaching on Jekyll Island, Georgia.

Family Friendly Game

The geocaching rules state that all caches should be kid friendly. No alcohol or adult material should be left in a cache. Inappropriate caches are reported to the administrator. We've never run across anything inappropriate but this was one of the creepier caches we found.

Imagine our surprise when we came across this in the woods!

Add Geocaching to your vacations and your daily walks. It's  hobby that will get you off the beaten track and add an element of adventure to your walks.
Of course rummaging around in the woods or on busy city streets can arouse suspicion from the muggles that may be near. That's part of the fun. 

BTW If you're not a Geocacher you're a muggle!

Check out the Geocaching website for more information. 

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Don't be a muggle, lace up your sneakers and go Geocaching!

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  1. I love to geocache. It is a great way to get outdoors. Last weekend, my family and I participated in a geocaching bike ride and we had so much fun riding our bikes and group finding caches.

    1. Your bike ride with your family sounds like great fun! I love how geocaching gets you off the path and you find places you wouldn't normally go to. Thanks for visiting!


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