Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Walking Wednesday - Walking the Zoo

No doubt about it my favorite place to walk this week was at the zoo. 

Now our zoo is pretty nice and with a yearly pass we spend a lot of time visiting and walking there. If you follow the path and walk by all the exhibits you go about 4 miles. No traffic, interesting things to see and lots of shade makes the zoo a great place to walk. 

 But what made this my favorite walk was this little guy. 

This is our 3 year old grandson. He spent the night with us and the next day we took him on an outing to the zoo  He was like our tour director. He knew exactly what animals we would be seeing next. He also knew where they sell the red shaved ice! Even though he's been here a few times he still showed that excitement and joy only a little one can have.

It's true what they say. Having grandchildren is wonderful. Your only job is to  love on your grandchildren and spoil them rotten and then take them home to mommy and daddy. 

And we did our job very well!

Lace up and take a little one for a walk!

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